Smartwhip Cream Charger 580g


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Smartwhip cream chargers aluminum cylinder for whipped cream, with spout. The best product to whip up whipped cream quickly and efficiently. For use with our Cream Whipper Adapters, sold separately.

With 640 grams of pure, food-grade nitrous oxide in each cylinder, Smartwhip lets you load one whipped creamer after another in quick succession. Made entirely from aluminum, the Smartwhip Silver is lightweight and stylish, making it much easier to use in the kitchen. Smartwhip, the ultimate tool for improving workflow efficiency, is cost-effective by design, easy to operate and offers greater control over the texture of each creation.

Smartwhip cream chargers

Our most popular product, the 640 gram Smartwhip N2O cylinders are perfect for travel or in a busy environment where charging needs to be done as quickly as possible. With enough nitrous oxide to charge over 70 siphons, you can take full control of your charging needs without worrying about running out of battery.




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